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Little Weiser River Restoration, 10/10                                                    

Click and scroll on the panorama above to see a 360 degree view!

On a cool fall morning of October 16, 2010, student volunteers from Cambridge and Midvale High Schools converged on a section of the Little Weiser River in Indian Valley.  These local students joined project sponsor Adams Soil and Water Conservation District, Idaho Fish and Game’s River Menders, private landowners and other volunteers to begin work on this stream bank stabilization project.  In addition to weaving live willows on the cut bank, dozens more willow cuttings were planted along the top of the banks.  As these plants take root, they will begin to hold the soil in place and re-establish the riparian vegetation in this area.  A healthy riparian zone will protect the agricultural land from future flood damage and help maintain water quality in the river.  Private landowners are to be commended for their work and stewardship on this ambitious project.  The Idaho Soil and Water Conservation Commission is also a partner on these projects by providing project design and technical advice.   

This willow planting/ weaving project is part of a larger river restoration project on the Little Weiser River that will eventually encompass more than 10 river miles of stream banks on private land in Adams and Washington Counties.  The Adams Soil and Water Conservation District has a water-jet stinger available for rent by landowners wishing to do stream restoration on their own.  Volunteer opportunities are available on this project. 

This panorama taken October 16, 2010.

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