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Round Valley Creek, 8/05 - Monitoring Pan of Willow Weaving      

Click and scroll on the panorama above to see a 360 degree view!

The willow weaving constructed by volunteers along Round Valley Creek in April 2005 established readily and by late summer was effectively armoring a formally raw and actively eroding stream bank.

Volunteers armored an actively eroding bank along Round Valley Creek with willows woven tightly together. The willow weaving team harvested hundreds of willows locally before arriving at the cut bank where the volunteers painstakingly constructed the weaving made entirely of live willows.

Volunteers packed hundreds of willows against the raw bank, securing them with willow poles jammed into the bank from the top as well as from the bottom using a water jet stinger, weaving layer upon layer of willows together.

Check out Round Valley Creek Willow Weaving, April 2005 to see volunteers constructing the willow weaving.

The willow weaving survived a high water event caused by intense rainfall just a week after volunteers constructed the weaving, much to the relief of the team. Better yet, the willow weaving survived deep winter snow and flooding during spring snow melt run-off from surrounding mountains and is thriving during its second season of growth.

Volunteers experimented with similar woven willow construction to armor raw banks along Four Mile Creek, another tributary to the Little Salmon River, during April and May 2006. Autumn 2006 plans include construction of additional willow weavings along a long extremely active eroding bank along the Little Salmon River as well as other needy sites along tributaries.

This panorama taken August 30, 2005.

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Borah High School students work together building a willow weaving from hundreds of willow poles they harvested locally the previous day. Round Valley Creek. October 13, 2007.
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