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Round Valley Creek Restoration (Site 6), 5/04                                                                 

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Borah High School students work alongside their teacher and other volunteers planting red osier dogwood, several willow species, mountain alder, black hawthorn, pink spirea, wood rose and other native shrubs and trees along Round Valley Creek, a tributary to the Little Salmon River.

Meadows Valley School students and their teachers have also been long-time volunteers who have helped with the annual planting project along Round Valley Creek, first helping with the planting project along the Little Salmon River that began in 1996.

Private landowners asked the Idaho Department of Fish and Game for help restoring the riparian habitat along Round Valley Creek in 1999. Since spring 2000, the IDFG and volunteers have planted native species along the creek for approximately two and a half miles to its confluence with the Little Salmon River.

Round Valley Creek riparian restoration exemplifies the successful partnerships that continue to evolve among private landowners, state and federal agencies, schools, private foundations and community volunteers.

This panorama has seven "hot spots". Scroll over them and see the text in the bottom controller bar on the panorama then click on them to view videos of stream restoration.

You can view Round Valley Creek, Site #6, August, 2005 to see how this restoration site has progressed over a year and a half.

This panorama taken May 8, 2004.

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of Round Valley Creek.
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Borah High School students work together building a willow weaving from hundreds of willow poles they harvested locally the previous day. Round Valley Creek. October 13, 2007.
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