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Little Salmon River Wetlands Reserve Restoration, 6/04                                               

Click and scroll on the panorama above to see a 360 degree view!

Volunteers donate the use of their canoes and John boats to haul plants along the Little Salmon River - adjacent wetlands and sloughs prevent vehicle access. Plants fill the boats to overflowing and volunteers make multiple trips to move and place plants in suitable sites where the shrubs and trees have the greatest chance of survival.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game volunteers constitute a bona-fide workforce, accomplishing native habitat restoration that would be impossible otherwise. Community spirited people from all walks of life work together for the common good - River Menders to the core.

Volunteers, some of whom have helped with this ongoing project from its onset in 1996, typically work almost every weekend from mid-April through June planting along the Little Salmon River and its tributaries.  If you want to volunteer, please contact us at:

(208) 327-7099 or (208) 327-7095
Volunteer Coordinators:
Mary Dudley:
Michael Young:

This panorama taken June 26, 2004.

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