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Fourmile Creek, 8/10 - Monitoring Panorama of Site 2                                

Click and scroll on the panorama above to see a 360 degree view!

With some TLC from the ranchers/landowners, native shrubs and trees got off to a good start along this section of Four Mile Creek planted by volunteers in May 06. Throughout a record setting hot and dry summer the ranching family watered plants, especially ones higher on the banks and from the water table. Watering gives plants a significant head start during their first growing season when root establishment is critical for survival.

Horses helped out, also! A lucky horse or two got to eat tender young shoots of grasses for a couple of days inside of the planted and fenced areas along the creek. After the horses did their part to eat back the grasses and before they became interested in eating the shrubs and trees the ranchers moved their hoofed friends to other pastures.

By careful management and vigilant monitoring this ranching family successfully utilized their horses to reduce competition from grasses, further boosting the newly planted shrubs and trees chance to survive and flourish.

Check out Fourmile Creek, 5/06 to see volunteers working on the project.

This panorama taken August 30, 2010.

View "before and after" photos of restoration and willow weaving on this upper section of Fourmile Creek. (1.9 Mb PDF File)

Looking downstream into the protected and planted stretch of upper Fourmile Creek after three seasons of growth. September 5, 2007.
Five years of protection, planting and growth resulted in shaded water, cooler temperature, bank stabilization and wildlife habitat. 8/30/10. Photo by Katy Flanagan.
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